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Author Topic:   build or by
posted November 08, 2004 09:49 AM
I recently bought a 406 from Jr motorsports, the motor has about 4 races on it with no problems and its real strong but I could have built it for half what I paid for it. I coulden't find a 400 block so I ordered it, but as far as quality I have no complaints.

posted November 08, 2004 03:06 PM
I'd go with a 383. It will make nearly the same power and be more reliable/tolerant than the 406. From what I remember of clearancing 5.7 rod bolts for 383s, the new style Eagle SIR and Scat I beam rods with cap screws might make that unnecessary. Haven't seen or tried one yet, but might be a time saver.

If you're going to keep it under 500hp and 6500-6800 or so, a stock block with ARP studs would suffice. Eagle or Scat rods and crank should handle it too. Go much over that and a splayed cap block is necessary and higher end rods/crank.