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Author Topic:   tips on building a 350
posted November 07, 2004 06:29 PM
Im planning on building 2 motors this winter,1 for my wifes car,and 1 for my mod.
Her motor will be flat top,2 valve relief,x rods,and stock crank,rules say stock crank,in a factory/street stock,I have 461 double humps 2.02valves,big springs.
Mine I already have the crank,rods and pistons,pistons are domes,5.7 rods,scat 9000 crank(stock stroke),power plus intake462 double humps.

My questions are,without giving your secrets,anything special I should do to the block at the machine shop?
Any little tricks that I could do before the block goes to machine shop?
Any work that I could have done to the heads.

IM on a limited budget,I have never had the intake matched to the heads,Is it worth the extra money?

Thanksd in advance.