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Author Topic:   400
posted October 31, 2004 08:04 PM
same as a 350 9.025.


posted November 03, 2004 07:36 AM
Same as 350 1.560,hence the shorter rod.

posted November 03, 2004 02:31 PM
Originally posted by 19J:
So it sits in the hole .025 right? How much compresion would you lose if it was .07 in the hole?

A ton!!!

Seriously, it would lose about 1 full point give or take. Plus, it would be VERY detonation prone since there'd be no quench to speak of. So, you'd wind up with 5% less power, still have to run premium fuel/race gas and it would want to blow up at the slightest hint of bad fuel/incorrect timing.

Deck the block to keep piston to head clearance between .035"-.065" or get different pistons or rods would be my advice.