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Author Topic:   SBC Roller Lifters
posted October 31, 2004 05:38 PM
The big Crower's, the .904 models.

Couple guys here at work swear by crower, wont use anything else. We run them currently, and have had no trouble *knock on wood*

Other than Crower, i would consider Jesel's i like the looks of the "dog bone" models they got out, looks nice and clean and light weight (no cross / tie bar). Take a look at them on there web site.

posted November 02, 2004 02:17 AM
Originally posted by chomme:
What in everyone's opinion are the best SBC solid roller lifters to run? This is going in an open-show modified. Running about .680" lift in a 406 small block with an isky solid roller. Looking at Isky and Crower, and thoughts? What about the Crower's with the pin oiling? Or the new Isky red zone with bigger bearings?

Isky and Crower are both great, but I use Crower, and I have NEVER had a Crower roller lifter fail....NEVER,NEVER,NEVER!!!!
Use Crower....JMHO.

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