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Author Topic:   head and cam choice question, esp. for Steve H.
posted October 31, 2004 05:28 PM
I am building a .060 over 350 with 6" rods for my IMCA stock car. I am running a set of worked 461 heads, a Dorton 350 Holley carb, a Weiand 7547-1 intake and a regrind version of a Crower 00351 cam on my 11:1 355 now. The new engine will have a little over 12:1 compresssion with 64cc heads. I want to get some Dart heads for this engine. Which intake volume, 180 or 200cc? Any better cam suggestions? My track is usually tacky, but sometimes is going slick by feature time. Thanks in advance!

posted November 02, 2004 03:27 PM
I'd use the 200cc heads. Do your rules limit your compression ratio? I'm not familiar with IMCA rules, so I need to ask. We have plenty of custom cam's for your application, but these are based on 15.5:1 - 16:1 2bbl engines. Feel free to call me during work hour's, and we can speak more about your combo.


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