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Author Topic:   351 Ford head ?????
posted October 26, 2004 04:49 PM
What can be done to stock Windsor heads to improve performance. I have a set off of a 78 E-series van. Ive stripped them down to bare casting.....the only problem is they have 1.78 intake and 1.462 exhaust valves. I talked to O'Reilly auto and they say that there is some stock heads with 2.04/1.65 valves. What do I find these in? Or can I make the ones I have work? This is going on a IMCA claimer engine.....396 ci. Thanks in advance!!!

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posted October 26, 2004 06:21 PM
the guy at o'reilly's is referring to the cleveland head. no factory windsor head has valve that big. chunk the smog heads you have...

if you have to use a stock windsor head on a big inch engine, i would use them in this order.....

2nd....gt40p, if you can get a custom/special header to clear the weird plug position.
3rd....'69-'71 351w, if you can remove the thermactor boss legally, do it. also use 1.94"/1.60" valves.
4th....'65 289, drill the head bolts out to 1/2" to use on a 351w block, no thermactor boss. small chamber = more compression. the drawback on these is big valves are shrouded by the combustion chamber. they can be unshrouded though. also, you should machine the pushrod guide holes out and use guide plates.
5th....'66-up 289. identical to '65 289 except the thermactor boss is there and the push rods are guided by the rocker arm. still need to machine for guide plates.
6th....'68 302 heart shaped chamber.
7th....E7 late model castings.

someone else may have more to add....hope this helps...

posted October 26, 2004 06:54 PM
If you end up with a set of 289 They will be casting# c5 or C6. The first number is the decade and the second number is the year in that decade. Examples C5 1965, D1 1971,E3 1983. If you use any stock small block ford head plan on spending a lot of time porting the exhaust. On fords the intake is and the angle is a little bad but on the exaust the the angle from the valve to the end of the port ***** . For the money your better off with a set of world products roush 200 heads. Mild porting, chevy valves and your good to go. Good luck I have one of the 396s in my ford and I love it.

posted October 26, 2004 08:12 PM
I dont have to use stock heads......this is a claimer engine and thought maybe with the right porting and valve work they would work. I have the roush heads on my 347, just was trying to save money on an engine I might have to give up for $525. Never ran IMCA before, this is the first time. **** by reading the rules it appears that my 347 is illegal because the firing order has been changed from a 302 to 351. Looks like it says only oem firing order, unless Im reading it wrong.

posted October 26, 2004 08:50 PM
302 HO motor in 86-up mustangs used roller cam with 351 firing order stock from factory.