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Author Topic:   intake ?
posted October 24, 2004 08:24 AM
That isn't "the" Canadian intake to look for. It did have a Rochester 2bbl on it but it was the very small one found on early small CI motors (also the one found on small CI Olds/Buick/Pontiacs).
The bolt pattern will be the same as the center carb of the old Tri-power six pack setups with 3 deuces.
FWIW, they ain't worth their weight in s**** as far as flow of the runners. We tried machining them out years ago, and it's far more work than it's worth.
Even the common 2bbl non-EGR, non-Canadian intakes found more often on cars and light duty trucks was more intake than that.
Need an intake? I have a well as a few iron quadrajet intakes and a very nice hi-rise Bowtie iron quadrajet intake (very rare).


posted October 24, 2004 12:34 PM
Anyone know what the bow tie intakes came on was it only an aftermarket setup or did it ever come on a production vechile. I have also heard a bunch of talk about propane intakes anyone know anything about these? any help would be great. Thanks