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Author Topic:   Blown Head gasket?
posted October 05, 2004 05:22 AM
Car never runs above 190 during the feature, this past weekend we went to caution, and as I slowed the car down to caution speeds the temp shot up to 270, and of course noticed the motor smoking up through the top, made a quick lap to cool the motor down, and it came down to 250.

Last night I filled the radiator back up in the shop, cranked it, and while it was idling I noticed coolant coming out of the right header, just as green as it could be.

I am hoping for a blown head gasket, but fear the worst of possibly a cracked head or worse (block).

Any opinions?

posted October 05, 2004 01:16 PM
you gettin pressure in the radiator? thats another sign of a head gasket. if ya don't wanna tear apart first, you can do a leak down test and likely get real close on a guess, but until you pull the heads off you will never know for certain, which you have to do anyway regardless of what it is, gasket or head... both require removal. I'd not mess with it and just pull it down and know right off what it is and what you are facing .. just me though.