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Author Topic:   Question for kp lugnut
posted September 30, 2004 08:04 PM
Is there anyway you could give me a baseline or starting point for jet size on a 350 holley? This carb is currently on a 2300 ford.Right now has a 80 jet in it,but was on a V8.thanks

posted October 01, 2004 06:11 AM
If it's got an 80 jet now, then someone has done some mod's internally to the carb. Air bleeds and probably metering block modifications would make the carb, well, "different".
Just dropping down the jet size is only the beginning of it all, but going down to the mid-60's to about a 68 or so is a good guess...HOWEVER...with the modifications that have probably been done to the carb for it to even come close to functioning with an 80 jet, the air bleed combo is then all wrong for a 68 jet or so...
so without actually seeing what's been done to it internally, I'd caution ya that just dropping jet size is gonna cause you more problems than it solves.
You may actually be better off just either leaving it as is, or going down to the mid-70's and see if it begins messing up the air/fuel ratio too far that the carb stops working.

Wish I had a more specific answer, but I hope that helps some.