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Author Topic:   opinions on a 327
posted September 30, 2004 07:30 PM
Looking at building an engine this winter to run in a aprox.3200 lb dirt car on a half mile track and am wondering if a 327 would be a good choice or go with a 350.This year we run a 305 in the stock class with a 17.5 pound vacuim rule @800 rpm, the engine was built up as much as we could get away with and in the free for alls most of the mods had trouble keeping up, we run a 3.42 rear end with a powerglide in low gear which give us about 5800 rpms at the end of the longest strait. we want to move up to mod and run the same set up and I am wondering if a well built 327 will give us your revs quicker than a 350, wouuld like to get up around 65-6700 any info would be great it was our first year at it and we were very competitive could over power all but lacked a bit in the driving skills Lol

posted September 30, 2004 08:47 PM
that is what i ran this year it worked great but i liked the rpms
i would usually turn about 7200 on a 1/5 mile track clay
figure 8's

we had a vacuum rule of 15 @1000rpm
great 327 with 1.6 rockers it loved the lift and rpm's
it would pull 4 to 6 car lengths on everyone

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