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Author Topic:   jumpy fuel pressure, increased rpm
posted September 22, 2004 12:55 PM
Not sure if this is normal or not but for the first 10 min. or so of running, the fuel pressure jumps between 4 and 8 or so at idle. Once the engine warms up some, the pressure stays right at 4 where I have it set. Just before the feature (usually a short intermission at the track) the temp is right around 175 and goes down to 160 when I fire it up. The thing that has me puzzled is that the engine rpm at idle jumps up between 300 - 400 rpms from what it was before hot laps and the heat. The fuel pressure now sits right at 6 or so at idle waiting to go out on the track for the feature.

Any thoughts? I've check to make sure the hood is clearning the throttle linkage, etc.