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Author Topic:   Mixed Heads
posted September 05, 2004 04:06 PM
Well it is the end of our season. I over headed reall bad last weekend and thought things checked "okay" for this weekends show. Well as I got up to speed she began to spudder and do some really weird stuff. I am expecting to find a cracked head tommorrow when I pull it down.

Here is my fret. I have a pair of 601's 1.94 an 1.6 'ed. I have 1-461 untouched, 1-462 untouched and 1-186 good head. I have a setup that requires bolt holes for the power steering pump. So say one of the 601s is not cracked- what mis-match would be more desirable? In other words I really need a bolt hole head on the left bank.

KP I would love to hear from you shop guys!!


posted September 05, 2004 04:16 PM
I will say the 462 and 186 would be an acceptable pair to use also. I have a set of heads that were matched up and they are a 291 and 186, the 462 and 291 are the same casting except the 291 has the temp sender hole and is a slightly newer casting. As far as the 601's, I'm thinking those are a 305 head and probably have 1.84 intake valves, i'd say scratch that idea unless you are required to run them.

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