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Author Topic:   wont pull any RPM's
posted August 17, 2004 05:36 PM
Twister, did you take your alk carb and just run gas through it? Hope not. There is a big difference between a gas carb and alk card through the metering blocks and boosters. I have (2) mods that run on gas, one 355 and one 383. We pull the same gear as you 567 in both cars on a .3mile track. The 355 has a modifed 750 holley (with proform center sections and metering blocks) and has a modified baseplate. The 383 has a Gearte 750 (nothing more said). We run 32-35 deg on timing and are jetted a little towards the rich side. Both cars run like a bat out of h*ll. Oh, we also run 110 octane gas.

Forgot to mention, we run stock mechanical fuel pumps and get anywhere between 6-10lbs of pressure at the gauge.

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