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Author Topic:   Piston ?
posted July 11, 2004 08:40 PM
A friend of mine has a set of flat top pistons and he believes it is a standard bore 350. The only numbers he can find on the pistons 3991468
Anyone have any ideas of whose part number that would be? The motor was built in 97 and that is all he remembers. Any help would be appreciated.

posted July 11, 2004 10:20 PM
Sounds like a regular GM part number. Try the local dealer or look it up online but that is my guess.

posted July 12, 2004 09:48 PM
If you are wanting to know if it is bored. Either mich. it or the top of the piston will say std,st, or 30 every bored piston that i have seen has had it stamped on top.

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