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Author Topic:   timing
jeff woodson
posted July 08, 2004 01:40 PM
this may sound like a really dumb guestion but i have been told several ways to do it, maybe i can find the "RIGHT" way. what is the correct way to set total advance from the distributor to crank as in total degrees. I have a 355 chevy i'm building with all msd parts. msd pro-billet distributor, msd-6al control unit. Also what is the best total degrees (32?, 36?)

posted July 08, 2004 04:58 PM
it depends on your distributer and how it's setup to advance mine is welded so i have no advance so i can set mine at idle you should be safe tho setting it at 3000 rpm as for how much timing that all depends on the motor parts i run a 360 cid 9-1 compression on pump gas class and i set mine at 40* where on my unlces mod he runs about 34-36

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