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Author Topic:   cam break in??
posted July 03, 2004 11:59 PM
well went out and ran car up and down the dirt road like engine builder told me to do and my valve settings havent changed.I only checked #1 ex. and #3 ex. and in.with the dial indicator in .ex. on # 3 cyl was about .050 off, the ex. on # 1 was about .120 off after motor breakin.The cam is a crower regrind,Im having trouble believing cam went flat i followed proper procedure.builder says if no change after running around on back roads hotrodding it a little ,he says cam lobe may have been ground that way.Should I pull motor and take it back to him or run it.Motor sounds good ,idles good,I havent really got on it yet only about 4500 rpms so far but seems very strong.Please share any addvise or comments.

posted July 04, 2004 09:28 AM
If you are talking about the valve lift you may need to check push rod leights. If not correct they con influence the valve lift.

If cam lobe only. Did you verify the lift before running and then the cam changed or are you only noticing this for the first time??
If there was a change, remove the cam and send it back it will only get worse in a hurry.
Good luck

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