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Author Topic:   cam break in gone bad???/
posted July 02, 2004 08:23 PM
had my 355 freshened up.New cam.broke in motor just like my engine builder told me to.Changed oil,and filter, ran it around in the driveway for a minute or two pulled in the shop to check and set valves,there were a couple that seem looser than they should have been so put a dial indicator on them 2 showed to be 100 thou. off and another showed to be 200 thou off.What would cause the cam to go flat that quick,Its suppose to be a crower cam and I did exactly what builder told me to on breakin,are theys cams any good.any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted July 02, 2004 09:22 PM
Run lighter springs for break in, then switch to the required springs.

posted July 03, 2004 12:12 AM
Do you have oil-restrictors installed? If so I would recommend removing them. If you have a good HV oil pump you are going to get plenty of oil to the bearings so oil restrictors are not needed. Remember, the oil flowing over the cam also helps to cool it.

Make sure you use a good quality lubricant recommended by your cam manufacturer on the lobes of the cam and the bottom of the lifters.

Lighter springs will help as will lower ratio rocker arms. This is more hassle to do but could help save a cam.

Most cam manufacturers have some descent technical info on their websites on how to break in a cam, etc.

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