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Author Topic:   4412 Question
posted July 02, 2004 01:11 PM
Running a 355 w/ Holley 4412 2BBL.

We were setting the timing, running the engine at 3000 RPM and notice the Right side venturi wasn't pulling anywhere near as much fuel through as the left side. We pulled the carb apart and made sure there were no obstructions in the metering block or venturi. It still did the same thing.

My question is, Is this normal, or do we have a carb problem?? Thanks in advance, Dave.

posted July 02, 2004 07:36 PM
You have to have the squirter positioned correctly. Pull the squirter out make sure it opened up good. when you put it back down on leave it a little loose so you can move it around just that little bit "IT WILL MOVE" until it sets properly and shoots the same out both sides. If you have the big squirters above 35 or so *usually alky applications* they will do that nearly every time.

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