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Author Topic:   heads?
posted June 27, 2004 01:54 PM
how does the worldproducts sr heads compare to the old camel humps like the 461 and 462 casting ? we can angle mill for more compression but cant touch the ports .will these sr heads perform about equaly or? we can only use the 4361 sr(rules). any one have any flow comparison numbers.

posted June 27, 2004 08:00 PM
Being stuck with the 4361, I would say it's a toss up. Can you put 2.02 and 1.6 vavles in them or only 1.94's and 1.5'? My rules allow the 4266 SR Torquer with 2.02 and 1.6 valves. I will say the out of the box valve job blows and needs alot of attention. Although, it might just be that the 2.02 heads are just 1.94's with a huge 60 and 45 degree cut to get the bigger valves in. We cut about .100" out of the bowls with a 70 degree Sunnen cutter then touched up the valve job itself. Out of the box the seat was about 1/3 from the inside of the valve face and we got it out about 1/8 from the edge. And the runout (out of round) was about .005" and we got it to .0002" with my friends Sunnen machine.

And I angled milled mine .050" (.050" at the plug side and .004" at the intake side) to get them to 61-62cc. They were 67-68 out of the box. So figure on .010" per cc. Just watch the lower intake thickness and don't mill more than a couple .001s or there won't be anything for the intake to seal on.

As for flow, just the smoothness of the World casting is probably worth a few. I can't give good comparision since the SR Torquers have 170cc intake ports where the stockers have like 155-160cc ports. And, my old motor had a different cam, pistons, rods and carb. So the new motor does haul *** compared to the old one and I'll bet 75% of that is the new heads.

For the price, the reliabilty and availability of the World's is a good choice. They're DEFINITELY thicker and less crack prone than the stock 461s. One of my 461s from last year cracked in the intake seat.

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