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Author Topic:   Stretch Guage
posted June 15, 2004 07:50 PM
It's the best way to do it but it sounds like whoever installed the bolts just didn't get one quite in right.The new bolts you buy will give you a stretch guide to go by,but in my opinion unless you are building a all out 7500+ rpm motor you will be fine using the torque wrench as long as the rod bolts are new and seated right.

posted June 16, 2004 08:37 AM
What kind of bolt was it, rod, main, head etc?

I have seen a similar occurance to yours with a head bolt. The guy was torqing away at it and it hit the set torque but wasnt tightened down. He had not chased the threads in the block and so it was hitting the torque number sooner than it should have... just a thought.

posted June 16, 2004 03:53 PM
Dirtbuster close. It was an overhead cam. On a aluminuim head. On one of the rocker guide? bolts i was turning it and it click but still had like an 1/8" so i just got out the rachet and tightened it to where i thought the others were. So they were not new bolts and never came with new bolts.
Thats the thing though it cant be ok if it isnt tight or torqued right. Thats why i was wandering about stretch but i dont have a little paper that tells me since they are old bolts. The threads were fine on the bolt. It was the head.

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