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Author Topic:   Pro Lightning vs Dart Iron Eagle's
posted June 10, 2004 01:31 PM
Just a tip, if you're going to use the Pro Topline heads be sure you're using a Victor JR, Super Victor or some intake with taller intake ports than a stock intake. On my Pro 200cc heads the intake ports are around 2.10"-2.20" tall, they are actually higher than the top of the intake manifold. I had to bolt on an Edelbrock 2101 intake to them so I had to grind the top & bottom of the ports and use 1/8" thick gaskets with lots of silicone. Thats the tricky part about those heads, they tell you they flow real good but don't tell you the ports are so tall. I'm not sure what the Darts are like, but I'm happy with the performance of the Pro heads.

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