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Author Topic:   Heads
posted May 29, 2004 02:29 PM
I have a 70 cc min. and cast iron stock head rules. I have been running a 336 casting head shaved down to 70 cc. The thing is noone really can tell me about these heads. I have ran 993 heads and they seems really simalar power wise. I just wondering if anyone knows of these heads and am I leaving anything on the table. Is there a better head out there for the rules?

posted May 29, 2004 06:04 PM
i'd find some 487x or 441's and shave them down those are gonna be the best flow'n 76 cc heads

posted May 29, 2004 10:09 PM
882's are realy crack prone when you start taking material off that makes it even worse they are all i have ever run and i like them but thats just because all the junker motors i have came with them lol next year i will be getting some 487x to put on my limited mod motor

posted June 01, 2004 09:41 AM
Can you take small chamber heads and open them up to 70cc? 67cc heads only need 3 more cc to get the 70cc - get some recessed valves and unshroud the valves a bit and you can probably make the 70cc rule.

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