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Author Topic:   rich on right side
posted May 25, 2004 09:26 PM
car didn't want to start the other nite before my heat finally got it going and when out and ran good enough to win the heat but she was a litle hot 210 pulled the plugs and the odd bank was perfect tan but the right side was black i set the mix screws with a vac gauge just wondering what else could cause this on the even side i do have a small exaust leak where my pipe hooks to the manifold think that could be the problem?

posted May 26, 2004 06:47 AM
because of centrifugal force, probably just getting more fuel down the intake on the right side runners. on right bank only, try one step up in heat range rating for the plugs you use. less heat will be disipated from the plug and may give you a better burn
inside the cylinder.

if it's a quadrajet carb, the "mixture" screws only control fuel mixture during idle,
not air flow. "mixture" screws tune your carb at idle, know where else in the operating range. only benefiting off idle response.

as far as color, if you are running race gas, 110 stuff, you really want the plugs leaner than tan. you could probably go down a jet size.

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posted May 26, 2004 05:04 PM
running a 2brl rochester with 71 holley jets plugs are ac r45ts 87 oct 10% ethonal blend gas think maybe my float level is to high? i've tried 68 jets and lower float level but it would miss real bad 1/2 way down the shoot

posted May 26, 2004 09:23 PM
Try running a smaller jet in the right side of carb ex- 71in left, 70 in right. As you enter the corner fuel splashs to the right and unshrouds the left jet causing it to look fine, but buries the right side in fuel. if you run 1-2 sizes smaller in the right it will balance the carb out better.

rico 08
posted May 27, 2004 05:56 AM
I wouldn't run any hotter than the R45ts,that's already a hot plug.

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