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Author Topic:   New motor
posted May 24, 2004 08:25 PM
I would suggest to check cam bearing alignment.make sure oil chamfer holes are in line with blocks.
hope this helps

posted May 25, 2004 02:52 AM
Have you plugged the bypass? There is a small plug that drives under the rear main bearing or the oil pump,it could have got drove out when cleaned and not replaced.

posted May 26, 2004 03:11 PM
What's considered 'pressure starts to drop'? From 80 to 60? 60 to 40? 40 to zero?

It's common for pressure to drop once the oil gets up to full temp. Also, 10w40 will give a bit less pressure than 20w50 etc etc.

Many variables and need more info. Running 50-60 PSI after 3-5 laps wouldn't concern me at all with 10w40. Wouldn't concern me much with 20w50 either.

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