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Author Topic:   Sleeved Cylinder ? HELP
posted May 23, 2004 04:28 PM
I had one cyl. sleeved on 350 chevy. Do I need to add something to the water? Concerned about pressurizing water system.THANKS AJ

posted May 23, 2004 06:30 PM
i hav 4 cyclenders sleved and i run a 32# cap it will take any pressure the the cooling will put out I have never had any problemss with the sleves leaking next year I'm looking in to wet sleves

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posted May 23, 2004 08:24 PM
A little DCA like a diesel runs wouldn't hurt. More than likely the thing will be wore out though before it pits a liner.

posted May 24, 2004 01:15 PM
I'd be a h#ll of alot more concerned about the 1000 PSI of combustion pressure than the 30 PSI of rad cap pressure!!!!

Serious though, as stated above, if it's installed right, it'll be fine.

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