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Author Topic:   Valve spring question
posted May 23, 2004 04:49 AM
I have to remove my roller cam to get legal under new rules. Being cheap and a little lazy I wondered if I can get away with running the roller springs with a flat tappet cam?
Thanks for the help.

posted May 23, 2004 05:25 AM
Assuming your roller springs are not the el cheapo "small roller" springs or ones made for a hydraulic roller application then the answer is no. The spring pressures on real roller springs are too high for the typical flat tappet cams and lifters. You'll eat the lobes and collapse lifters.

Drop in a set of springs that have at least 135# at the seat and about 375# open pressure.

Full roller springs have like 300+lbs at the seat and go WAY up at full lift because roller cams are billet.

If you need springs, let me know.

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posted May 23, 2004 08:52 AM
Thanks, I was sure that was what I would be hearing. I have other springs, just lazy.
Thanks, John

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