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Author Topic:   q-jet guestion for kp
rico 08
posted April 29, 2004 06:22 AM
I got one of your q-jets from ELJOJO and i just got it going recently and it works really good except it is a bear to get started,i have to pump the throttle 15-20 times to get it to fire and i'm getting fuel above the acc pump slightly so i'm thinking the acc pump is shot from sitting too i right and do you have one in stock and maybe a few top gaskets? thanks

posted April 29, 2004 07:07 AM
Yes, we've got the stuff in stock. It might not hurt to have the carb freshened fully, tho, because if it is THAT hard to start then it means that the main wells are draining down due to the seals in the main well plugs having "given up" and are letting the bowl drain while the car sits.
The accelerator pump piston seal is shot, too, because fuel should never get up on top and out the pump piston shaft hole.

We'd be glad to provide parts, but I'd need to know the diameter of the accel pump well, because many of our quads have had the pump wells enlarged.

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