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Author Topic:   HOT
posted April 26, 2004 08:46 PM
Saturday I started my car to go out for the feature & the temp gauge started climbing irradicaly. It always stops around 140. This time it went to 210. When I pulled onto the track it went from 220-160 back & forth many times. At first I thought it was the gauge. Then three laps in it lost a cylinder. Pulled the heads today & had a bent EX valve on #1 cyl. Head gaskets looked new. My Q is would a water pump cause the weird water temps. I don't run a thermostat. The rad. is clean. It ran 195 in the heat.

I also pressure tested the cooling system. It held 19lbs

posted April 27, 2004 07:10 AM
Sounds like you might have had an air pocket, impellers can come loose but its not to common.Or a crack somewhere.

posted April 27, 2004 10:08 AM
Maybe the valves were floating?? That would cause heat and the bent valve...

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