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Author Topic:   Wissota Mod Motors
northern dirt
posted April 11, 2004 10:14 AM
we run imca around here but 30 or so plus horse is something i would want how much are you putting in a motor now that 3000 is alot of money most guys here are spending alot more then that on claimers some even twice to 3 times that for a good mod engine

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northern dirt
posted April 11, 2004 08:57 PM
i was just reading in the new midwest motorsports book and they have two open motor listed one is a roller and the other is not i'll just list the 406's for an example

non roller stock car engine $3649 complete
race preped block,scat 4340 i beam rods,solid cam,dart iron eagles,roller tip rockers,ballanced scat 9000 series crank,wisco pro-tru light pistons kevco pan,moly push rods imca stock car intake
dyno tested to 360-385 hp

now the mod engines only difference eagle rods,roller cam ,gasket mached heads ,4340 steel crank and 360* aluminum intake
dyno tested at 615 hp
thats a 230 hp gain between the roller cam and the littel porting and an intake

thats what my uncle runs in his old 92 shaw and it took updating the rear to a 4z setup but it hooks now and he's a front runner again

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posted April 14, 2004 09:26 PM
In a Wissota Mod Spec engine a roller is worth about 100hp. But be advised the extra hp available will tear up a regular 4 bolt main block. The mains should be replaced with steel caps. Also use a good 4340 steel crankshaft ie. Callis Dragonslayer. And rods rated for the hp you plan to make.
PS We use a flat tappet cam and make around 525hp. We are a little short on hp on tacky tracks, but hold our own on dry slick.

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