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Author Topic:   trying to control idle....
posted April 08, 2004 11:12 AM
the carb i have seems like it doesnt want to idle correctly. it will idle fine(say 1300 rpm or so) then whan you pull in after a race the idle will have gone up about 500 rpm...then it will go back down after it cools fully. is this a problem or is it normal? i havent ever had this problem with my holley 350 or my motocraft carbs. the carb i have now is an 890 C&S 2bbls based off of the holley 500. it have 2" throttle plates and a 3/4 spacer built in between the main body and the baseplate.




posted April 08, 2004 11:58 AM
A cold engine will always idle slower than a warm engine with the same throttle setting. On ours if you start it and set the idle at say 1500 when it gets up to temp it will be closer to 1750-1800. We will bump the idle up to around 2000 to get it warm then drop it back to hot idle speed of about 15-1600.

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