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Author Topic:   AMSOIL or ARCHER oil
posted March 29, 2004 09:00 PM
Are these good? Anyone using these? Seems very slick.

posted March 30, 2004 02:11 PM
I ran Amsoil last year from May - Sept with 2 filter changes and topping it off. The block had a crack in #8, so I figured I'd test it and see what happened. Even with running at 260+ degrees every night it raced, the bearings looked good and the cam, lifters, rockers and pushrods were all in great shape. I kept the cam and valvetrain parts for spares. There's a few marks on the parting lines of the bearings were the block distorted, but 280-290 degree coolant will do that to a block.

Overall I think it's great stuff and will be using it in the new motor once it's broke in.

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