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Author Topic:   how many ways are there to set the lash on a solid roller cam?
posted March 20, 2004 11:17 PM
I find it interesting as well as frustrating and confusing that there are so many ways out there to set the valve lash. I suppose there is more than one correct way, but when you break it down to its actual purpose which is to have "x" amount of clearance between the rocker and valve tip at the cams lowest point to allow oil in and cooling and to keep anything from bending, or binding, etc...
So... with that said, and the fact that there is more than one specific area on which the cam is at its lowest point, I can see where all the variations have come from. however I think some have crossed over from other types and this is where the confusion stems...
So how do you adjust the lash on "A SOLID ROLLER CAM ONLY" I honestly don't care at this point how to adjust a hydraulic roller, or a flat tappet or anything else thats out there for confusions sake I mean...
I have 2 ways I have done it and am just curious..
M.Harris 44H

posted March 21, 2004 07:45 AM
The only accurate way is the following. This also applies to flat tappet cams as well. Go cylinder by cylinder, rotate the engine over, and set the intake valve as the exhaust valve first starts to open. Then set the exhaust valve as the intake valve just closes.


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