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Author Topic:   carbureted big block ford question...
posted March 18, 2004 12:39 AM
I posted this in the hauler tech section, just lookin for as many ideas/opinions as possible... thanx M.Harris

Here is one that I am sure one of you carb savy guys can solve/recommend/etc... This 85 ford has a holley 4180 on it. When I bought the truck, the guy give me every receipt he had ever gotten with the truck. So I go thru these and I see an enormous amount of money spent on rebuilds and labor, and then I see another for an all new carb..( I dont have a clue why someone would swap junk for junk) but anyway, I want to use an edelbrock most likely. I have a 1407 thats in good shape, just needs a few things and its all sound. I believe the 1407 is a 750 cfm from what I can find.. correct me if I am wrong here. And based on what I see in the service manuals the 4180 is a 600 or 650. Well the thing is a flushing toilet, especially when I am pulling my 22' enclosed. My question is will the edelbrock give me better gas mileage? what jetting should be in it, or close? or should I use a different carb altogether, this is a mileage issue of course, so that becomes paramount..
Thanx all.
Michael Harris 360 winged dirt sprinter #44H

posted March 18, 2004 02:56 PM
What size motor is in the Hauler?
I cant remember if that 1407 is a 750 sounds kinda high? but i would imagine that any stock ford motor that would be too much carb.
I have a stock 77 460 with a new 650 holley on it and pulls like heck.
So if the hooley on it is out of tune then im sure the edelbrock will get better mileage if it is in good shape

posted March 18, 2004 05:56 PM
If this truck has an old exhaust system ,you may check it for an exhaust restriction,this will mess with a carb big time.Symtoms are lack of power and poor fuel economy.Could be cat convertors or mufflers.

posted March 18, 2004 10:04 PM
I think he is right. A 1406 is 600 or 650 cant remember. A 1407 is a step up. Depends what size motor really. A 1406 is perfect for a stock 350 chevy straight from edelbrock.

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