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Author Topic:   6 inch or 5.7
posted February 24, 2004 08:31 PM
I am lookoing at running a 350 with a new 305 head a engine builder has come up with and I am wondering if a 6 inch rod would help me or hurt me.The track I run on is very short. It is a one fifth track and we run a 6.80 to 7.00 final. The piston and rod I am looking at would make my compression around 13to1. Is this going to be to much compression and should I stay with the 5.7 rod. Thanx

posted February 25, 2004 06:11 AM
the longer rod is better!

posted February 25, 2004 06:28 AM
oh boy, here we go again......

posted February 25, 2004 11:00 AM
the 6" rod is a good choice. not for hp as six's link will tell you, but more for other reasons. the best reasons i think are lower piston weights, and reduced side load on the pistons.



xx RACER 96
posted February 28, 2004 08:20 PM

Long rods work better with small-port applications because the slower piston speeds give the restricted port more time to flow the required air. I believe you would be better off with the 6 inch rods.

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