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Author Topic:   Interesting Info About Oil Pumps
posted February 23, 2004 09:03 AM
I was just browsing the Melling's web site and read this article...

According to them, the regular HV pumps start wearing after 30 nights (tested in sprint cars). Here is what the article states:

"The weakest link in a gear type oil pump is the driveshaft and bearing area. High pressure on one side of the gears and a slight vacuum on the opposite side pushes the bottom of the drive gear toward the inlet. This constant pressure wears the driveshaft bearing surface and is magnified in racing applications. Our endurance testing in wet sump Sprint Cars shows a pump will last an average of 30 nightly shows before the bearing surface has worn enough to create a problem in the pump. The 10555 Melling Pump solves this problem. The drive and idler shafts have been extended into a new cover for support at both the top and bottom. This thicker cover has enough extra metal to install a bolt on screen, eliminating the need for welding the screen tube to the pump. The sweeping bend radius in the 3/4" tube and the free flowing mesh make this an ideal anti-cavitation screen that is installer friendly."

Also, the site has a great diagram showing the new pump.


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