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Author Topic:   headers
dan ferry
posted February 22, 2004 07:24 PM
i know the topics been up before but im wondering haave any of you tried and noticed a difference in headers wondering what would be best for a 406 7000 rpm max on a fast 1/2 miler. gonna run 3 speed with push cylinder im thinking. thaks to all

posted February 22, 2004 08:25 PM
If you are wanting more bottom end so the car will jump off the corner then stick with a smaller diameter header,like a 1 5/8". If you want to kill a little bottom end but help the top end then go bigger like 1 3/4" or 1 3/4 stepped to 1 7/8". I would also stay with a longer primary length for a broader torque curve.

posted February 24, 2004 02:59 PM
The dynatech 1 7/8 with a 3 1/2 collector make the most torque in the usable rpm range for dirt track cars. I have seen the many diff. headers run on a dyno and this style was the best for usable power. Dynatech does a good job of trying to keep the tube lenghts as equal as possible without makeing an ungodly looking header.

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