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Author Topic:   Dumb Question, But....
posted February 13, 2004 09:37 PM
Here Goes, (Please don't laugh)

Just what IS a claimer engine? Been reading all of these posts and racing magazines for some time and yet to figure out exactly what makes an engine a "claimer style". I mean every racing mag or ad lists stuff like "claimer oil pan, claimer gaskets, claimer pistons, claimer rings, bearings, heads, valves, cams, etc" You name it and its offered in the claimer variety. Does this mean IMCA mod stuff? Or does it mean not OEM stock, but not as good as "real" race engine parts?

Not starting a war...just curious as to who or what these ads are intended for.

Thanks in advance,

posted February 13, 2004 10:07 PM
That means low cost for classes that have a engine claim rule. No sense in spending a bunch of money if it can be claimed for $500.


posted February 13, 2004 10:08 PM
These items are for IMCA.There not as good as whats out there.Cranks are stock or cast,cast pistons and soforth.Oil pans dont have much of a kick out.Most of the stuff is not meant to last a long time.Basic cheap stuff.

posted February 14, 2004 01:45 AM
A lot of tracks have rules that say the top 4 or 5 must sell their engines to the other drivers if they will put up a $400 or $500 [claim].These parts are cheaper parts that will work but are not as high $ or as good as other parts,We do not like to putting a lot of money in engines we can loose.

posted February 14, 2004 06:37 AM
For the life of me I can't see how y'all make that junk hold together long enough to FINISH a race-let alone WIN one! My motor definatly isn't a high dollar piece, but it isn't full of cheap, imported trash and it still breaks on occasion.

posted February 14, 2004 09:23 AM
HAMMER rember when yu got clamed a cherry I'm sure that you had more than 500$ in your engine what they are tring to do is offer cheeper parts that you can buid a competive engine that you can let go so you don't have to take two weeks off and be a spectator rather than racing. If you get clamed then you must be beating people.


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