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Author Topic:   ok... here's my plan.. any suggestions?
posted February 04, 2004 09:20 AM           
Ok. Here is my motor plan. I'm running in a bomber class. Rules say stock stock stock... Track is a wide 3/8 mile, pretty tacky I'd guess. I want this thing to be cheap but run good.

882 heads w/ Z28 springs, stock intake, about a 500cfm carb.

From what I've read this should be good up to 6500 rpm. Now about the bottom end...

My plan is to get a used (possibly junkyard) 350 engine. This is a good deal for me since it will have all the accessories and nuts-n-bolts i dont have.

Have the block checked, honed, + whatever necessary machine work by a shop.

Have the rods and pistons balanced. Keep the stock rods. I've heard that Speedpro hypoeurotics are good pistons. So I may pick up a set of those.

Buy a good set of rings and bearings. Put the thing together myself.

Before I said that I think the heads should be good up to 6500 rpm. Do you think this bottem end will also be good at 6500?

I just want to make sure my bottom end will hold it before i make cam and rear end selection for that RPM.


Ego Racing
posted February 04, 2004 11:16 AM
With that much stock what are the cam rules? More than likely you will end up with a cam about 400-420 lift or less. If you turn that cam that hard it wll be past its peak power output. On the Stock motors we have run we try to stay around 5000-5500 rpm.
If the bore is not to the point you have to change the pistons, and you use the stock pistons you will not need to get it ballanced. Chevy did it for you.
We built a 400 with stock rods and had the stock pistons knearled at the shop and ran light tension rings and it ran 6 - 100 lap enduros and we sold it running with only oil changes and filters.

posted February 04, 2004 12:59 PM
yep,put a set of rod bolts in,or depending on price of that,might check at like midwest motorsports,or PTM and check out the stock recon rods,I think they are good deals.

For you application a good set of hyperteck pistons would do pretty well.

My motors in my factory/street stock motor were allways stock crank,Gm x rods,and kieth black hyperteck pistons,piston ran about $200.
get the crank lighter then have everthing balanced.I would try for some 461 or 462 double humps.

posted February 04, 2004 08:13 PM
if your realy on a tight budget and you have a small cam lift rule i'm gonna have to agree with ego two years ago i took a motor out of a pickup didn't have a ridge in the cylenders so i hit her with a flex hone got a rering kit from midwest motorsports $75 good oil pump,cam and new timing chain turned it 5800 for 20 nite and the only reason i took it apart is becuaes i had an oil pump pick up fall off and broke a skirt on a piston if it had not been for that i would have ran it another 15 nites. but if do need to bore your block get a set of the midwest or jr motorsprots rods like suggested above it's cheaper to buy those then to have a set redone yourself and the hyper pistons are a good piece thats what i have now look on ebay they useally have some good deal on them on there

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