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Author Topic:   automatic transmission help.... not race related but HELP!!
posted February 02, 2004 08:06 PM           
Ok... this isn't at all race related BUT...

1985 ford crown victoria... automatic ttranny with overdrive

Drives fine in all gears but overdrive. Overdrive works until everything warms up.

Then it acts like its in neutral when OD kicks in. Revvs and revvs... then eventually the OD kicks in and it goes fine until I slow down and it goes to a lower gear. Then the same thing again when going into OD. Only happens when its warmed up.

So... do you think that lucas transmission fixer fluid would help? Any "quick fix" to get OD to work when warm?


posted February 02, 2004 08:56 PM
Well if it works "solid" when cold and not at all when warm I'd say seal - pull the pan and check the seals on the accumulator piston (can't recall but I think there are o-rings on it), or try some of the trans-x or trans-medic fluid - they'll swell seals and if it's just leaking internally a little they're a good temporary solution

posted February 03, 2004 05:52 AM
that's pretty common for an AOD. i don't believe there is a "liquid fix" for this. if i recall correctly, the "seals" are actually cast iron rings similiar to a piston ring. once the transmission fluid heats up and thins out, the worn sealing rings are no longer able to contain the fluid. a re-build is in order.

also, the OD clutches could be worn out. this will create the same condition you're experiencing. the colder, thicker fluid can fill the space created by the thinner worn out clutches and allow OD to function.....and when the fluid heats up and thins out, know the rest...

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posted February 03, 2004 06:03 AM
it isnt the OD clutches because they are also the direct (3rd) clutches also, it is more than likely the 4th gear band is burnt or worn to the metal lining. you might look under the hood by the throttle side of the throttle body and see if the TV rod has become disconnected at the lever ,due to the plastic grommet failure. this is very common on these cars.....hope it helps ya ...ford5

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posted February 03, 2004 08:58 AM
it's been a while since i messed with an AOD. i think ford5 is correct. seems like i had to replace the whole drum because the band wore a groove in it.....hey, i've slept and drank beer since then.....

posted February 04, 2004 08:48 AM
I agree with ford5 thats what I see wrong with them most of the time.Burnt band because of the tv linkage.When you get it fixed you can go to the dealership and get a kit to put a brass bushing and clip to hold the tv cable instead of the plastic junk.If you don't fix it and aren't on the highway alot you can drive in third for some time just revs alittle higher like the old 3 speeds.Have had many customers pass on the fix and drive them for a time.Them trannys are cheap to buy used and usally last alot of miles.You could do a cheap fix that way to.

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