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Author Topic:   427 s.b.
posted January 28, 2004 08:05 PM
I would like to build a 427 small blk chevy with a dart tall block and a 4 in stroke crank with rods 6.300 long and 350 maines and sb2 heads or brodeck 18x not a M blk, what kind of oil pan would I need? I can't run dry sump.
Thank you, I need the help


posted January 28, 2004 09:49 PM
We use Dan Olson aluminum pans on our dirt late model engines. Best pan available in my opinion!! It will take 2 weeks for them to make it. Be sure to order the pan for a Rocket block or Dart aluminum block. Both blocks have spread pan rails. You can specify how many scavenges you will need in the pan also.

I would also go with 400 mains rather than the 350 mains on that long of a stroke. The 350 main long stroke cranks have a short life span in the high HP applications.

The SB2.2 head would be my choice. We build a ton of them, and they are very good heads. Be careful if your looking at used ones though. There is a lot of junk, and restrictor plate heads floating around.


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