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Author Topic:   400
posted January 19, 2004 11:58 AM
Ok I never had one and now I bought a block from a guy that just left the machine shop and he said he needed the money so I got the block fresh bore 40 over and cam bearings intstalled. Now what would be the best way to start. Would you but a complete rotating assembly to start or what. How can i tell what size bearing it needs being I did not ask him. I have to run a 70 cc head what would you get. Chances of the bottom end being looked at are very slim so I am open to all recomendations. This is a pure stock car so I wont to stay in a resonable $$$$$$$$$ range. Also limited cam rule 420 max lift who should I call for a cam, I have a howards cam now in 350 but hear there are bettre options out there

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