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Author Topic:   Controversial SBC Oil Lines
posted January 17, 2004 11:19 AM
Here's another controversial topic to throw into the loop...I have seen some people running a small AN line from above the oil filter on the side of the block to the front of the block above the timing cover to "aid in oiling" they say. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Is anyone doing this? Most of us run restrictors or EDM lifters anyways, so are there any advantages?

Another one...I am running the titan gerotor style oil pump (wet sump...can be seen at With this pump, the company suggested tapping my valve cover (passenger side) at the back and running a -10 line to the oil pan to aid in oil drainback. I did this, and suppose it will work well, just had never heard of it. If nobody is running these pumps, check them out...they are high priced, but if you have to run wet sump (IMCA) and are going all out, they are great. I am running the sportsman model in my motor.

posted January 17, 2004 11:50 AM           
Ive seen a lot of really expensive motors run remote filters, and front oiling.

But then the hole your talking about feeds the whole motor, with about a -10 line.

And most dry sumps Ive seen have been ran to the front of a gm block into the same hole.

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