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Author Topic:   Rod to stroke ratio Question for Hendrens
posted January 15, 2004 10:40 PM
I am considering putting togeather a 377 with a stock 400 block ......the math says that I need a 6.25 rod to get the desired 1.80 R to S ratio....My ? is will this rod work in a stock 400 block and do you know if there are off the shelf pistons to fit ...3.48 + 6.25 + 4.155...... From info I have gathered on this and other forums the 377 seems like a good choice for a ump mod ,and with a good R to S ratio the bottom end should have a long life ,right?....One more ? please ...could you recomend a good cam roller and solid that would work with a 377 with 215 Iron eagles ,team -G ,750 BG alcy .1.6 rockers 180 shoenfield headers .....I will have about 13.5 to 1 comp.....running on fast 1/4 high bank tacky half the time ,dry half the time ....what RPM would you recomend staying in for good engine life..........thanks for your time you guys are an invaluable resource ,and I cant tell all who help on this forum how much I have learned from all....thanks again JT54.

posted January 16, 2004 07:40 AM

Yes the 6.250" rod will work just fine. Yes there are plenty of shelf stock pistons available for this combo, both flat top and domed. Working around a 9" deck, you would need a 1.010" CD. Just so happens to be the same, within .010", as an engine with a 4" stroke and a 6" rod. So you can find plenty of pistons for this combo. You can simply juggle your deck height to make up the extra .010" in CD.

I personally like the 377 combo, and you are definitely heading in the right direction.

The best book grind cam that I could recommend for your application would be Crower's 00430 if the track you race at is a little slow in the corners. I'd recommend Crower's 00431 for a track with faster corners.

Engine RPM should be kept around 7,800-8,000 max with steel valves. You can run it at 7,800 all day long with good valve springs, and valve train, with no problem. Either of the cam's above will run at this RPM.

Your main weakness in your combo will be the block. Keep an eye on it, and mag it every 15 races or so.

I would also trade in your Team-G for a 2925 Super Victor Edelbrock. The Super Victor is great , modern intake, and perfect for your application.


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xx RACER 96
posted January 16, 2004 12:53 PM
Looks like I will try a 377 .....I sure have loved my 6.0 rod 355 ,it is plenty strong on most nights but it will be nice to have some more cubes and some good reliable Rsssss.....thanks steve ,and thank you also 96 on the stud advise......JT54.

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