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Author Topic:   shortblock
posted December 23, 2003 12:54 PM
i've been thinking of buying an assembled shortblock instead of building one-got any ideas on a good company?

posted December 24, 2003 10:43 AM
Call Sperry Engines in Cedar Rapids IA 319-390-8636

posted December 24, 2003 12:14 PM
After I had several failures from "smart guys" I did what was the only option left available to me. I bought an assembled "level 2" shortblock from Schwanke shortblocks. Had a good solid 4-bolt 010 block, eagle/scat crank and rods, SRP 13:1 pistons, plus real good decking and line hone, etc... Delivered to my door for only 2400.00 and some change. After I switched it over to a dry sump, ground the front for a gear drive, threaded the block for the water restrictors, and some few misc items that I expected to have to do, I bolted on all my stuff. I did the best break in I could in the thrash, then proceeded to twist it around 7900-8000 in a sprint car, I have since spun it as high as 8300 and not so much as a wimper. I change the oil and filter religiously, set the lash, and rock and roll. Tim is a great guy, fast, very reasonably priced, and obviously knows how to assemble an engine. I kinda lavish a little, but if you had any idea how much I spent prior to this you would understand how nice it is not sitting on a grenade. you can find his site at , he also is always updating his used parts listing as well. I also bought a set of 11X heads from him that have been great. A buddy of mine here local also runs a sprint and he bought basically a complete engine and it hasn't had an ounce of problems either...
Michael Harris 44H

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