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Author Topic:   need to know about chevy intake
posted December 10, 2003 08:45 PM
ive heard there is a good stock chevy cast iron 4 barr. intake that is better than others? rules are we can only run stock intakes, does anyone know what type there talking about? and what is the trick to telling one from another? thanks

posted December 11, 2003 08:35 AM
If your rules allow it, then use the high
rise marine intake manifold. It's a gm performance part.

In the yard, look for the casting number of 249. It will be visible on the topside
rear part of the manifold in about 1" numbers. If you can't find that one then the 250 will do.

249 has more area for mixture in the plenum and provides for a more evenly
distributed mixed with a hole drilled horizontally through the plenum. shaped better for flow at the top entry and the runners are slighly larger than 250's.

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