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Author Topic:   decking heads or block?
posted December 08, 2003 03:14 PM
to gain itbest to deck block or heads? and what is the max decking recommended? thanks for any info

posted December 08, 2003 03:33 PM
I like to leave my deck .010 or .005 above the pistons.

I get my blocks rough bored then take them home and install the crank and 4 corner pistons. then measure each corner for how much needs to be cut off. then I take it back and the machinist puts it in the machine at the correct angles for my parts. If youve got one corner way of sometimes switching pistons, and or rods around helps get it more even.. I was going zero deck but once came out with pistons out of the hole, could be my fault could have been his no way to tell!! but lesson learned.

For my very last motor another shop told me that was a waste of my time and I didnt argue, they must have had a better way of measuring because I asked for .010 and got .008-.011 on the corners, very close and less hassle.

I have been running copper head gaskets for the last 5 years with great success they come in .031,.041,.043,.050,069,.090. They are re useable, and will help fix a block if its decked to much as happened to me. they are about 70 a set from summit, so they cost the same as good head gaskets except you can re use them over and over.

I dont like angle milled heads at all, did it in high school years ago and unless the intake is done also It cant be a good thing. Rounding the holes to bolt the intake on, then who knows where the gaskets end up?

Thats what I do to my stuff, youll get some far more technical answers from experts Im sure, Im just a poor racer who has to do as much as I can myself, and its worked out.

posted December 08, 2003 04:52 PM
Maybe you can get Bill or Steve to jump in on this thread, but my opinion is that there needs to be .038 in the quench area. That is the space between the top of the piston and the bottom of the head. My old stoc motor had the pistons in the hole .017, I used a steel shim instead of a head gasket and think I wound up with .034. That's close enough for me.
As far as the cylinder heads go I have just dropped off the set that I had advertised as "Chinese Junk" at my machinists shop. He' going to take aprox .140 off on an angle mill and press in new guides. The guides had been replaced, but some cheap no chrome valves galled them and basicly ruined the compression due to slop in the valve. I think the best offer I had for them was $100 so I decided to fix them and run them myself. I'll put some Ferrea valves and new springs on them and with the angle mill, will have a very decent set of humps. I did notice a small "X" over on the end of them when I droped them off. 461 X humps, angle milled to 48cc, 2.02/1.6 valves, schnieder springs-----priceless!

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