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Author Topic:   carb
posted November 29, 2003 10:18 AM
My quadrajet has a big hesitation off every corner right when you floor it then it picks up and runs well. Its like it stumbles pretty big soon has you nail it then recovers and does fine but it does it every time. Is there anything that I could adjust. The only thing I have messed with is the tension on the back plates. I adjusted them so there is no tention or very little on the secondary plate but I dont think that would do it. Any suggestions. One day I will send it to KP and quit playing with it but some how I spend the money else where every time I save up for it LOL

dan ferry
posted November 29, 2003 05:03 PM
actually the secondary butterflies may be too loose causing them to open too soon for rpm and richening up engine. these need to be adjusted according to jetting if u tighten them up and this still happens youll need to lean secondaries out a little id start with the hanger they are stamped with a letter a thru v v is leanest which drops rods deeper into secondary jets than a t or u would a is richest they are in .005" increments you cant re jet back side only change rods or hangersyou can find rods and hangers by buying up junk qjets. the fatter the end of rod and tips the leaner they are at wot you use the tips coming off corner your using part above tip so u could look for one with a little fatter rod and same tips... i think u could solve prob with hanger ive done this. when adjust air vane on top be careful not to get too tight or spring end will break or jump off. put some tension on them then go a few letters leaner on hanger and try it watch pipes and plugs looking for gray not black or white..

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