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Author Topic:   Aluminum heads now allowed on wissota late models?
posted November 12, 2003 02:06 PM
There have been rumours flying around that for the 2004 season, wissota late models will be allowed to sport a specific aluminum head from our freinds at brodex. This head will carry a wissota stamp to varify its destinction from others like it. Dun dun daa, now the big problem if this is true. Lets say there are around cars in the division, thats 450 sets of new heads that have to be cast and machined by the manufacturer, then they have to be passed onto the variouse machine shops through out the US and Canada to be finished off. Now think about the amount of time there is from now till the next season. Now you see the problem. Thus any info now will greatly improve the chances of getting a set ready for the next season.

posted November 13, 2003 10:06 AM
All aluminum spec brodex head is allowed for 2004, and manditory for 2005.

here is enough arguing and discusion about it on another message board to keep you busy. Some of the info is from people who were at the WISSOTA annual meeting.

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