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Author Topic:   edm lifters
posted November 12, 2003 07:55 AM
after reading another post I was wondering if I'm wasting hard earned money on edm lifters.I run a solid mech cam 125 closed pressure and 395 open.I have been running this cam and lifters 3 years.last off season everything looked good as far as wear.I will find out soon how they look after this year.I will be changing cam and lifters this rebuild so am I wasting bucks on the edm lifters. Cam for this year will be a isky 254/259 @.050 with.584 lift. Also comp cams says they have seen them chip around the holes and isky said very isolated cases

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posted November 12, 2003 01:48 PM
We have used Crower's "Cool-Face" EDM lifter since he first invented it . This lifter has been in every flat tappet mechanical cam engine that we have built . Most of these applications are high lift , high spring pressure applications . Many of these cams are still in use after 5-6 race seasons . Bottom line is .......they work ! Just another Crower innovation that helps the racer , engine builder's , and all involved . From my experience , they are well worth the investment !


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