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Author Topic:   oil pressure?????????????
posted November 07, 2003 12:42 PM
Too much oil pressure will wear out distributor gears , cause excessive oil temp. , and cost you power , if we are talking about oil that is up to operating temp.

I'm assuming that the 70lbs at an idle is cold , and so is the 90-95lbs at full throttle . You should not be running an engine at full throttle with cold oil . This will result in engine bearing failure . The 55-60lbs that your seeing would be with hot oil , and this is where you should be starting the race at on oil pressure . It's a good idea to have the oil temp up to at least 190-200 degree's before racing . Bellow 190-200 degree's , the oil will be too thick to flow properly at higher RPM . So if your having a bearing problem , it looks like cold oil to me .


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